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From Stupid Dream to Stupid Reality
A series of interesting tidbits that you may or may not be interested about Scarmonshu: Unleashed

Original titles
Scarmonshu: The Movie, Scarmonshu: Endgame, Scarmonshu: Unhinged, Scarmonshu: Incomprehensible

Plot Complications:

The very initial idea I had for this came at 2004’s end after seeing “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie,” when I saw how such a wacky cartoon could be turned into a tied complete film. My first thought was some form of road trip where the guys go off, leaving Vicky ample opportunity to terrorize the town. The alien factor came shortly after that, but figuring out what the guys were doing took some time. Some time later, flipping through channels, I stopped on Speed TV and saw this one driver get out of this car, and he looked so comical looking. He had a Gatsby cap on, thick glasses, and a handlebar moustache. I used the model for Little Hispanic Kid’s father for my insane comic “Pimply Faced Teen,” then had the idea to use it for CoopDawg’s father. So I cleaned up the model and made him an explorer.

Speaking of “Spongebob,” the idea for a vehicle for the guys to travel in was always there, similar to the Patty Wagon. Since I can’t draw cars for shit, I decided to hold this one off for as long as I could. Finally, I copped out, kinda, and made their car a prototype as a bit of an excuse. I was thinking of giving it an acronym name to further emphasize its crappiness, like USELESS or LAME, but failed.

The aliens weren’t really that hard to come up with. I based them on the little creatures in “Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door,” and got the name “Devitian” from Danny DeVito, since they’re so small. [drum beat]. Originally before I designed Cornelius, I drew a Devitian with a top hat and handlebar moustache to act as a mayor-type figure, but scrapped him once Cornelius came to be.

Thinking of an opening scene ain’t easy. The ominous evil figure opening was one I thought of early on, but I dismissed it thinking it to be too cliché. The opening I was set on for a while was Vicky breaking into CoopDawg’s house to steal his elevator boots, before I decided she should build them herself. Then she would accidentally wake CoopDawg and hide, where she would eventually be shot into space, land on the Devitian homeworld, and would be discovered from there. I scrapped pretty much all of that and went back to the original idea, which I think works better for the “joke” about the evil shadow.

Armondo, that irresistible hunk of man, was originally going to play a role in the epic, to bring some form of romantic subplot to the story. But I figured that three plots at once was more than enough, and dropped this fourth one.

Since the early idea of the aliens, the FBI always had a hand in the plot, except it took me forever to model them. Perhaps the only thing really stolen in this epic was the character of Agent Granger, who is modeled on the ATF chief in “Beavis and Butthead Do America,” but I simply couldn’t think of anything else, because he really is the character I wanted for this role.

Most of the things I come up with on the fly, but SOME sketching was done for new props and characters. You’ll find these here, as long as some other epic-related sketches.

Prep Work:
First model of “Agent Shumler,” Vicky with the Devitians, Dar and Tom trapped by the aliens, and a KKK baby. Don’t ask.

The original model for the Devitian transportation devices.

CoopDawg’s new castle and the UTR, along with writings for the character posters.

CoopDawg’s mobile walker

Final character models for Agent Granger and Agent Radley.

Sketches for the shirt design and teaser poster...
…which eventually became this.
…and this.

The sketch for the original epic site main page…
…and how it ended up.

Schematics on how Vicky’s boots work and the makeup of CoopDawg’s prototype vehicle.

The VERY first drawn “announcement” of the project.

Sketches for Character-Specific Poster:
Vicky / Dar / Mike / Tom / Cam

Web Banner: CoopDawg & Cornelius
There were to be three more of these: “The small shall inherit the Earth” with Vicky and the head Devitian, “The government screws up again” with Agent Granger and Agent Radley, and one with Scar and Tom that I didn’t think of a quote for.

Character Stands
These things were capitalizing on what Dreamworks and other studios do pimping out their primo voice talent (ie: EDDIE MURPHY as DONKEY), but it a moot point in this case since the characters and their inspirations have the same name. My original deluded dream was to actual make life-sized versions of these out of wood. Hey, it still could happen…
Scar / Tom, Dar & Mike / CoopDawg, Cam & Vicky

Review Poster
The original version of the first page of the site, where the ad parades out the best of the sub-par reviews.