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One of the challenges of "Scarmonshu: Unleashed" was to take the already created caricatures of people and give them additional weight as characters, making the story more believeable and deep. Whether or not I succeeded is up to you, but the epic does contain a colorful cast of character. Here, you can read up on who they are and where they've been, including some characters lost to the ages...
Throughout the years, he has been ever-abrasive towards those closest to him. Whether it be his impatience, his yelling, or his will to run annoyances over with a lawnmower, Scar’s temper has remained his own weakness, though you could never tell from his enjoyment of beating up his primary victim, Tom. He’s the leader of the bunch, you know him well, which may be his saving grace as he is the one who insists of going through plans, most often for the greater good. The only person he really abides by is CoopDawg, who, as with the other kids, is sort of a guardian to them, and because of such, he’s always happy to help… by force.
- Scarverine is Scar’s MHX-Men identity. With the up most agility, he’s able to rip enemies to shreds with his quick-access finger blades.
The reluctant whipping boy, Tom has long suffered the repeated beat-downs from Scar, but is also sometimes ignored and insulted by the rest of the crew. Although usually under the thumb of others, Tom shows much promise, with knowledge of technology, most likely from being the only one who pays attention to CoopDawg’s rants about his new inventions. He is incredibly resilient and brings as much stamina to the table as the others during adventures. He can get sidetracked however, and sometimes misses the point, but he always hangs in there, hopeful that he’ll be acknowledged for his doings sooner or later. Bet on later.
- Wonder Boy is Tom’s MHX-Men super-identity, named as such because it’s such a wonder he’s not killed after all the battles he takes part in. Tom uses his telekinetic powers he inherited from CoopDawg in battle, but they’re considerably weaker than his.
In sort of a one-two punch deal, whenever Tom gets hurt, Dar has to laugh. In fact, she laughs at most everything that can be considered even remotely funny, and a few other things that aren’t. As such, she’s in the same boat as Tom in that nobody takes her seriously. However, most of the time she’s along for the ride, her happy-go-lucky attitude about everything providing a comic relief to whatever shit may be flying at the moment. Although she usually follows ideas rather than instigate them, a few scenarios have called for Dar to step up to the plate and take charge. Whether the idea’s good or not, it doesn’t matter, as she’ll laugh all the same.
- Rogue is Dar’s MHX-Men super-identity. She is able to absorb energy from other life forms and harness it into formidable blasts.
The likeness of the almighty creator himself, Mike is perhaps the most responsible of the primary four, looking out for the others on their wacky adventures. He usually acts as a buffer when Scar proposes a preposterous plan, revealing the grim reality of it. Keeping with that, he’s always the first to jump to action when anyone is in trouble, feeling it his responsibility, even though they may have been warned. In such cases, however, while trying to save others from danger, he usually ends up stuck in even graver danger, but always weasels out of it.
- Biclops is Mike’s MHX-Men super-identity. He uses his powerful bifocal upgrades to shoot powerful lasers from his eyes.
The only adult the kids can trust, CoopDawg is the every-day neighborhood eccentric inventor. On his lush estate just outside of town, he has dedicated his life to creating crazy contraptions, most of which are pretty impractical and serve no real important use. Not to fall into the mad scientist cliché, he’s rather sane and reasonable, providing a sort-of second home to the kids of the area. He’s sort of their headmaster, and runs his new inventions by them, and sometimes tests them out on them. Just recently reunited with his estranged father, another piece of CoopDawg’s metaphorical puzzle is filled, but he still continues to build and create, business as usual.
- Professor C is CoopDawg’s MHX-Men super-identity. Permanently seated in a hover-wheelchair, he possesses some of the world’s strongest psychic vibes, but due to their raw power, only uses them in dire, dire situations.
A bit of a latecomer, Shilpa came on the scene strong. Not long after she was introduced, she got her own story, as she went through a life crisis, where she believed that no matter how friendly she tried to be, she felt no one cared or acknowledged her. After a hallucinogenic coma, she sprung back into action, tagging along with the prominent four and helping when she could. In comparison to Dar, she is a bit ditzier and doesn’t quite think things through. Lately, she can usually be found fighting with Katie over Cam’s devotion, of whom she’s head-over-heels for.
- Storm is Shilpa’s MHX-Men super-identity. She’s able to harness the elements to thwart enemies… with a vengeance.
With the only two females being pretty nuts, Katie was brought in as a relatively normal character. Currently, she buts heads with Shilpa over the love of Cam, whom she’s crazy about. Against Shilpa, Katie is more level-headed, and is aware of what’s going on, but she mostly tends to mind her own business. Firm on her beliefs, she even expresses them matter-of-factly to Cam, battling his political views. But, even when she complains about him, she returns it by always saying she still likes him anyway.
With this preppy store attire and heavy right-wing political views, Cam began the last primary character, akin to the Last Great American Hero, although entirely not like that. An outsider from most of the action, he will sometimes show up to provide advice (helpful or not) or to lend a helping hand once and a while. However, Cam already has his hands full dealing with the pinings of Shilpa and Katie. While he likes them to a point, the love between the three is certainly not mutual on his part. Like Tom, Cam also pays close attention to CoopDawg’s lectures, and owns a watch manufactured by him, which has a whole mess of crazy gizmos and gadgets connected to it.
Barely four feet tall, Vicky is, as some would put it, “vertically challenged.” As such, she is constantly the butt of jokes about her height, particularly from Dar and Mike. Fed up with the constant torment, she has dedicated her life to destroying the people who had mocked her. Unfortunately, her mind being a tad unstable, she automatically puts the entire world’s population into that category, and vows for the domination of the planet. Her proudest invention is her extendo-boots, which can make her as high as she pleases. Although constantly thwarted in her schemes, she’s always got another one cooking to fulfill her warped ambitions.
Epic-Specific Characters
Cornelius Cooper
CoopDawg’s father, Cornelius has quite a history of action and adventure. He’s always tried to live life to the fullest: climbing the highest mountains, exploring the deepest oceans, searching the darkest caves, and so on. Throughout all this, he’s always tried to keep a relationship with his son, which was not always easy with him being all around the world. He mysteriously disappeared when CoopDawg was in college, and was never seen or heard from ever again.
Inspired by today’s troubled youth, Max is a skater kid who skateboards around town and annoys the hell out of its inhabitants. He only speaks in 133t speak, and is a royal thorn in the sides of anyone who comes in contact with him. No one knows where he came from, where he lives, or who his parents are, but one things for sure: he is one fucking annoying little brat.
Agent Granger and Agent Radley
In response to receiving alien transmissions, two government agents from the FBI are assigned to investigate. The two attempt to track down those connected with Vicky and interrogate them, but they’re really just setting back those who are trying to save the planet, by keeping CoopDawg under house arrest and tracking down the kids to contain as well. Agent Granger is the senior agent, and is more brash, who speaks before he thinks. Agent Radley is the junior agent, and although he is the more logical thinker and expresses doubts on his assignment, is nonetheless under the thumb of his superior.
...and the rest!
Appearances: The Misadventures of Himanshu I-IV, Issues #1, 3, 5 & 6, Rip-Off Issue, Halloween Spooktacular #3 & 4
The original fifth member, Sergio was the resident mischief maker, and semi-hush-hush stoner. Similar to Scar, he’s quick to get really into whatever fiasco he’s in, and has instigated his fair share of them too. Famous Sergio moments include his direct provocation to the creation of Sarazilla, having his mouth super-glued shut, and being the only person to face off against Scar in the ring. With so many other eccentric characters, Serg fell by the wayside. This was also, as with most of these minor characters, a result of me seeing less and less of their reality-based counterparts.
Appearances: Issues #6 & #8
The man himself with a T-shirt that lets no man forget, Phil appeared seemingly too little too late, appearing only once as a background character in one issue. However, shorts and other random drawing kept his spirit flourishing, with tales of Phil’s cheating death and getting away with it with flying colors. In fact, in the unfinished #8, Phil was going to end up becoming the Grim Reaper, eventually saving Mike and Shilpa from the grip of a terrorist.
Appearances: Issues #6 & 8
Yet another eccentric character, although ‘eccentric’ may be too soft a word… Sean was more… criminally insane. In the same vein as Phil, Sean was big in the random sketches, with his obsession over weird phenomenon and nonsensical things, and his trademark spasms. In #8, CoopDawg was to enlist Sean into helping contain his experimental leprechaun.
Appearances: Rip-Off Issue, Issues #5 & 8
Brendan was originally intended as CoopDawg’s assistant of sorts (which Cam later sorta fell into the role), but then branched off a bit. In #5, he kept popping in to criticize the issue in every way possible, as a personal response to the weird stuff that happened in that thing. In #8, Brendan was to be Scar’s lawyer in his defense against Tom’s pleas of mass MASS injury.
Appearances: Issues #3, 4 & 6
The master himself, the B-rad appeared in three issues, but what he is perhaps best known for (or what I’d like him to be known for) is his face-off against the goth regime. Although, it’s kind of hard for him to be known for that, since that comic was never finished, and whatever little of it there was is now lost to the ages. My humblest apologies, but I can only hope that one day, I will finish that story. Some day…