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Well well well, what do we have here? ...oh, I know... SCARMONSHU: UNLEASHED! As promised, it's up! ...but, not in its entirety. While the entire epic has been pencilled, some pages have yet to be inked and digitally edited, so only 50 of the 57 pages are up. But I'd say that's pretty good, since the first time the epic was supposed to be up (11/18/05), only 1 out of the 57 pages was done, and that one was only a temp. Regardless, there's more to do 'round here than see the long-awaited epic. See original sketches and drawings of epic stuff. Read up on your favorite characters. Gander at old comics that time forgot! There's still a bit more to upload, but this is pretty much the whole ball 'o' wax. I hope you enjoy it. ...and yes, I am aware of the pop-ups, but just bare with me. It's still better than Geocities' bar squishing the screen from the right and CJB sneaking talking pop-ups around that they minimize the window. Those bastards took it too far, consarnit.
Oh, and if you do read this thing, please tell me what you think. Sure, I'm proud of myself for this thing and I like it a lot, but the purpose of its existence is to amuse others, and it would really generously inflate my ego if you dropped me a line. Either
drop me a line, or post it here.

Click here to read up on the epic, and view drawings based around it.
Click here to see the whole gaggle of characters of past and present.
Click here to take a look back at the comics of old.
CLICK HERE to finally read the epic!!